A chic little birthday card frame

Do you like the effect on this frame? Would you believe it was done with Aluminium tape...the kind you buy at the DIY store.

Now, us crafters never throw anything away do we? I have a little jar where I keep all those tiny flowers, stars and butterflies left behind when using Tonic's border punches. I made use of these by sticking them all over my card frame- while it was still flat. It didn't matter what colour they were as they soon got covered with the aluminium tape. I then burnished this to highlight the punchouts. (Rubbing over it with the bottom of a glass works well.) Then I creased and glued my frame together as usual. I added the contents -a touch of the Parisienne boutique was my inspiration here, and a finally, a few finishing touches like the butterfly and the Happy Birthday.

I wonder if any of you out there use non cardmaking products in your cardmaking? I'd be interested to hear if you do.

Have a lovely day.

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